SRI management recruiters are seeing an increase in demand for leadership and management jobs. We search for leaders and innovators with versatile skills who can quickly step in and drive our clients’ C-suite initiatives — and deliver results.

Many SRI recruiters are able to apply personal insight from their own careers in management. They search for potential leaders with strategic knowledge in coaching, project planning, performance tracking and staff mentoring. When a client needs a specific position filled, like production supervisor, or various operations management or facilities management jobs, SRI is ready to help.

Mutual success. SRI boasts superior time-to-fill statistics. We ensure that the process is productive and efficient by taking the time to listen to our clients throughout all stages of the hiring process — from the initiation of the search, through the sourcing of candidates, to pre- and post-interview debriefing, and negotiation of compensation. We’ll do the same when recruiting for your open operations manager and other management jobs.

Our client and candidate loyalty is a hallmark of our 50-year success story. Our ultimate goal is to align clients and candidates who share a mutual vision. We find that this harmony leads to greater personal fulfillment for candidates and translates into a greater value for clients.

SRI places management professionals in the following positions:

  • Plant Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Production Supervisor