Clients in emerging fields need talent that can step in and make a difference from day one.

Candidates with niche skills are in demand by emerging markets, but they aren’t always aware of the opportunities.

Both need a talent acquisition consultant who will really listen to their specific stories. With 50 years as a retained and contingency search firm, SRI excels in the demanding world of emerging markets.

Personalized process. Through our unique talent acquisition process, we translate trends into hot skills demands. Our talent acquisition consultants uncover our clients’ needs and corporate culture and effectively introduce like-minded candidates who bring genuine passion and the necessary skills to the job.

Find an SRI talent acquisition consultant to perform retained or contingency search.

Proven success. We are industry leaders with 50 years of success as a retained and contingency search firm. We have honed our talent acquisition processes to the highest level of efficiency and productivity. We work with the top talent in the industry, aligning them with our clients’ needs.  This has led to many longstanding, satisfied clients who return to us for their future hiring needs.