SRI began 50 years ago as an engineering recruiter in Chicago. We’ve since grown, along with our client base, into a well-respected leader in the international direct hire and contract recruitment industry. We’ve expanded both geographically and in breadth of industries across a wide spectrum of global industry sectors.

Talent that supports strategy and culture. SRI has a proven track record of quality service with superior time-to-fill statistics. We work closely with our clients to understand what kind of talent would support their corporate strategy and culture, and screen all candidates accordingly.

Industry specialists. We select our recruiters based on their experience in global staffing, their industry knowledge and their interviewing capabilities. Many are seasoned specialists in their fields of expertise, and bring personal insight and first-hand industry knowledge to the table.

A portfolio of industry standouts. Our rigorous evaluation process includes one-on-one interviews with candidates who pass our initial screening. We discuss performance histories and career goals, and identify intangible qualities not detailed on a resume. Our candidates are top performers who seek challenging opportunities, and we strive to identify and match them with the perfect position where they’re most likely to make a significant positive impact.

The pursuit of satisfaction. Even after a successful placement, our work continues with a formal follow-up process. Our ultimate goal is to develop long-standing and fulfilling partnerships with our clients and the candidates we place.