In a competitive environment, only an experienced Seattle-based recruiting firm can facilitate successful placements across a range of industries. SRI excels at this type of challenge. Our Seattle recruiters understand the area’s rich reservoir of skills and innovation. Our local presence and growing client list is an indicator of our commitment to this market.

Our portfolio features candidates and contractors with strong communication and project management skills. We screen candidates for experience in managing global interfaces, and the ability to perform under strict time and cost constraints.

Our well-designed IT recruiting processes rapidly identify qualified candidates, and then we personally screen them to find the right fit for your company.

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Self-motivated and high-achieving Biomedical Engineer (BS, Mechanical Engineering with Engineering Business minor). Background in biomedical and mechanical engineering with hardware and software product development experience. Product development, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing / rapid prototyping. Freeform, Autodesk, and Solidworks. Adobe Creative Suite, interaction design, and project management.

Business Intelligence Analyst & Developer (Masters, Information Systems Management; BS, Electronics & Communications Engineering) with a distinct combination of data analysis skills and commercial experience. Strong understanding of commercial urgency while employing technically-sound problem-solving skills. Ability to translate complex technical information into simple business language while also visually articulating information across functional teams and management alike. Proven history of identifying opportunities and executing against those areas to improve efficiency and profitability and mitigate risk.

Engineering / Hardware Technician (BS, Electrical Engineering; AS, Computer & Electronics Pre-Engineering; AAS, Computer & Electronics Engineering) with 5+ years of experience troubleshooting hardware / firmware issues, identifying technical solutions, and soldering through-hole and SMT components with sizes of 2512, 2010, 1812, 1806, 1210, 1206, 1008, 0805, 0603, 0402, and 0201 (RoHS). Intermediate level of experience in Cadence Allegro, PCB Artist, Solidworks, LabVIEW, C/C++, Visual Basic, Matlab, PSpice, and Multisim. 10+ years of experience with oscilloscopes, DMMs, variable AC/DC power supplies, function generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, logic analyzers, and power meters in a lab environment.

Electronics Design Engineer with proven experience taking engineering problems and goals from early-stage concepts to complete, profitable solutions. Passion is in research and development as well as cutting-edge new product design. Focus is on electronics design and C-based embedded software development. Experienced in evolving the embedded software and the electronics layout simultaneously for rapid design optimization when requirements change mid-design. Skilled with 3D CAD design (primarily Solidworks) and negotiating with overseas PCB manufacturers to ensure that the PCBs are manufactured, assembled, and tested with quality, at low cost, and according to specifications. Passionate about fostering cohesive teams and optimizing internal systems so that better ROIs can be realized, and great things can be built.

Accomplished, results-focused, and energetic Senior Program Manager and Agile Scrum Master with 16+ years of diverse and transferable experience in fast-paced corporate business settings. Seasoned in creating order out of chaos and driving critical process improvements that enable ongoing business growth. Proven track record of establishing technology processes in innovative and emerging landscapes. Hands-on team leader and influencer with excellent communication, organization, analytical, prioritization, and problem-solving skills.