The other day I was channel surfing on the T.V. trying find something worth watching and I stumbled across a 90s classic, Jerry Maguire. One of my favorite scenes is when Jerry, after recently being fired, desperately calls all his clients to see who still wanted to work with him. He pleads to his star wide receiver, Rod Tidwell, to stay with him as he starts his own company.

I sort of chuckled on the inside for a moment..almost a flash of reality for myself. I hadn’t seen the movie since graduating college and have been working in the “real” world for a few years. I started evaluating my relationships with customers and candidates..I wondered who would still work with me if that happened…

It made me think to myself for an instant…my reality is working with people as a headhunter. More specifically working with clients and candidates. A sports agent and a good recruiter aren’t too different. We are industry experts, we scour the earth for top talent, we negotiate deals and our clients pay us to do this.

As a professional recruiter, I thought it would intriguing to take the time to dig a little deeper into the dynamic of the recruiter / candidate and recruiter / client relationships. More importantly, outline the value and need for having a strong recruiter at your disposal.

Which brings up a bigger question why work with a recruiter, or more importantly, entrust a recruiter with job search or candidate search?

Letting go of your resume, your salary negotiations, and control can be difficult for any candidate or client.

So some of you might be wondering what is the point of dealing with a recruiter…

Here are my top 4 reasons:

  1. Recruiters are perennial negotiators…we negotiate every day, every call, every decision, and great recruiters negotiate in everything they do in life.
  2. A recruiter is a third party so some standards of business communication don’t apply to us. Basically, we can have the difficult conversations with both parties. We can ask things that employers are afraid to ask candidates and don’t think is appropriate in early conversations.
  3. We can find the bottom-line for both parties. Navigate a way for all parties to be happy.
  4. Lastly, we naturally have of knack for getting stuff done fast and effectively, as this is our life’s work.

It is my job as a professional recruiter to understand both parties’ needs and desires. I will ask questions that clearly outline the expectations of everyone involved. I will show value through my industry knowledge, rigorous habits of following protocol and will keep everyone as informed as possible throughout the process.

As a candidate, I will be honest with you regarding your career goals, salary expectations and hear your needs from a job search perspective. Be apprehensive of recruiters that only tell you “yes” and don’t challenge conversations.

As a client, I will inform you when your expectations are set too high, provide current market value of particular job / candidate, give my honest assessment of a candidate, and work tirelessly to find the type of talent you need.

So at the end of the day have your Rod Tidwell moment…but ask your recruiter to SHOW ME THE VALUE!

As cliché as this may sounds…it’s not all about the money it’s about the VALUE! Make sure you’re spending time with people that show you value and clearly perform at a level that is indicative of their worth. In conclusion, make sure you are working with people that want / know how to work with you! That is the real VALUE in this business relationship.