When on the job search a lot of emphasis is placed on the interview. Most of the advice from experts center on what takes place during the interview. The conversations range from interviewing etiquette to emotional intelligence. What gets lost is the preparation. To perform during the interview you will need place an emphasis on preparing to interview.

So, what should you do to prepare for an interview? Here are three simple steps to consider when preparing for an interview.

Let’s call them the 3 R’s: Research, Reflect and Resume.

1. Research – A very simple and important element to preparing for an interview is to do your research. When done properly you will learn a lot about a company and the industry in which they operate. You will also improve your ability to make more meaningful connections with the interviewers by learning about them. Information gained while researching gives you the capability to ask intelligent questions and stand out. With the amount of resources available and the glut of information, you have no excuses. Do your homework; companies will be expecting it.

2. Reflect – Reflecting can lead to more effective communication. We have always stressed the need to strive for a face to face interview. (Is The Phone Interview a Good Thing) Business Communication 101 taught us that the best form of communication is done in person. So what is the connection? As you reflect on your career and take an inventory of your accomplishments, successes, failures and knowledge gained throughout your career you will enhance your ability to effectively communicate. By taking the time to reflect, you will bring these items from your long-term to short-term memory. This exercise will also have you remembering things that you have forgotten while discovering items to help you fortify your resume.

3. Resume – Know it inside and out. Polish it over and over. Your resume is marketing you and it needs to shine. Make certain that it is free of errors (this may sound trivial but every day we see resumes submitted for roles with avoidable errors). Be prepared to answer any and all questions pertaining to your resume.

By taking the time to properly prepare for an interview you will enhance your performance during the interview. If the interview has been secured through a recruiter, you should have the luxury of an interviewing coach who can further help you with your preparations. Oftentimes a recruiter can give you key insights into the role, company and interviewers. Interviewing is not something that we do every day. Resist the urge to “wing it” and follow the 3 R’s.