Some of our decisions have the potential to greatly impact our future and the direction of our companies. Our success or failure often times hinges on the decisions that we make. This is especially true in the talent market.
It should also be noted that indecision, though contrary to the very word, is in itself a decision not to act. Inaction resulting from indecisiveness or uncertainty can stand in the way of us moving forward towards our goals.

The reasons are vast and excuses are plenty. If your goal is to move forward, in whatever you look to accomplish, you must start by making a decision. Simply not deciding will only continue the feeling of frustration lack of progress.

This demonstrates itself in the employment market in several different ways. Too often both for employers and employees alike, the lack of decisions lead to an ambiguity felt by all parties. Their perception is their realty. As a result, both are left frustrated, confused, and forced to form their own assumptions.

The hiring process, from beginning to end, is in itself a test period on both sides of the aisle. While the employer is assessing the potential candidate for a cultural fit and applicable skill sets, the candidate is sizing up the employer. Hesitation and indecision by employers can lead to disheartened candidates who feel unwanted and hence will seek employment elsewhere.

To avoid this dilemma, here five tips:

1) Assign a team leader for the particular hire
2) Know precisely what you require in a candidate
3) Develop a sense of urgency among the hiring team
4) Set a goal for a hiring date
5) Establish feedback loops to the hiring team and candidates

Decisive decision making is a key characteristic seen in all great leaders. Today’s competitive talent market requires companies to act and move swiftly in order land their strategic hires. Resolve today.

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