Attitude: It starts with you.
Attitude is one of the most influential elements in determining the success for individuals and teams alike. Great leaders understand this concept.

It is proven that a company’s success stems from its employees. Everything appears differently through the eyes of a person with a positive and enthusiastic attitude. How they attack their day, how they go about problem-solving, and how they contribute to a company’s culture all are impacted by their attitude.

An individual’s attitude can be the key factor to a team’s success. It is said that a positive attitude is contagious, and if one person brings this to a team, it will rub-off, and spread throughout the members of the team. It can matter more than the collective experience or skill sets. One person with a positive attitude can forge a team. Their positive attitude can increase the level of performance and drive the overall success of the team.

A quote from leader Winston Churchill says it best.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
– Winston Churchill

There are many ways to create, display and maintain a positive attitude. With that being said, it begins and ends with you. A positive attitude cannot be taught, or gained through experience; rather it is a choice. A positive attitude is a decision that you make. You wake up each day and you decide what your attitude will be. This decision in turn, will be the roadmap for your day. Knowing that each day has its up and its downs, it is important to acknowledge that the decision to have a positive attitude must be a continual choice. You will have to remind yourself over and over about your decision to have a positive attitude.

As quoted below from John C. Maxwell, an author, speaker and pastor who has written more than 60 books on leadership.

“We choose what attitudes we have right now. And it’s a continuing choice.”
-John C. Maxwell

A positive attitude is a key ingredient to any successful company. With happy employees, a leader can be more productive and will more easily enhance the company’s culture. This culture, created by a positive attitude, will result in the retention and attraction of top talent for a company.

Leadership is not a title but an example. A positive attitude is a choice that successful leaders make continually, even against all odds. And they become better leaders because of it.